Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Mother roasts two children alive

Neighbours of young and vulnerable Nirmala would have never thought that she would burn her kids alive in a fit of rage! But that's what happened when the lady allegedly roasted two of her children.

Nirmala was the resident of Barah Railway colony and the area comes under Alambagh police station in Lucknow.

The cruelty of the murder could be judged from the fact that Nirmala twisted the neck of her one-year-old son Munna before throwing him in flames. She then took out the body from fire and stored it in a refrigerator.

She killed her daughter Shelly in the same way. Petrified after seeing the horrendous act, Nirmala's third kid Divya struggled for her safety and even clawed her mother's face. The girl raised an alarm and was helped by neighbours. Divya saved the life of her sister Shalu who was strangulated by Nirmala.
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